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All About the Counties We Serve – Miller County

We are continuing our blog series about the counties we serve. O’Donnell Law Center is honored to be able to serve Camden, Miller, Morgan, Laclede, & Moniteau counties. This group of counties make up the 26th Judicial Circuit in Missouri. This week’s blog is going to dive into the history and other information about Miller County, Missouri. Take a look below to learn more.

Miller County Miller County, named after Missouri’s Fourth Governor John Miller, was organized in 1837.  John Miller was born in what is now West Virginia 1781.  He started off as a newspaper man.  During the war of 1812, he joined the Army and rose to the rank of full Colonel and was involved in some of the bigger battles.  After the war he resided in Franklin, Missouri.  In 1825, there was a special election for governor. There was a total of 4,933 votes cast (in 2015 Miller county had a population of 25,113!).  Miller won with 2,380 votes beating out his 3 opponents, Judge David Todd, William Carr and Rufus E…

John Adams Representing the Redcoats from the Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre is a debated occurrence, still to this day. As a criminal defense lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks, I am curious to know what others think about this trial. John Adams chose to represent the Redcoats who were accused of murdering Boston residents. The Redcoats claim the first fire was unintentional. Learn more about the Boston Massacre and John Adam's involvement in the trial, below.

About the Boston Massacre A fight between the British soldiers and colonial residents broke out near the Customers House in Boston, on March 5th, 1770. The soldiers have gathered around and Captain Thomas Preston was in the middle trying to keep the peace. A mob of townspeople were gathered, as well. According to a witness, a club was thrown from an onlooker which caused a soldier to fire. This first fire was seen as the signal to the other soldiers to start firing upon the mob. As a result of this fight, five residents were shot and killed by these British soldiers - the Redcoats.…

All About the Counties We Serve

Our law center serves many counties in central Missouri. Camden, Miller, Morgan, Laclede, and Moniteau are some of them. These counties make up the 26th Judicial Circuit. We are located in the heart of Camden County in Osage Beach, MO, but we are flexible enough to serve many counties around our office, as well. To kick off our blog series about the counties we serve, we are starting with our “home base”, Camden County.

Camden County This county is home to the Lake of the Ozarks - a top recreational lake in the Midwest. Camden County was organized in 1841. It was originally called Kinderhook County and renamed in 1843. The name change was made to honor Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden from England. He was a lawyer, judge, and politician in London. As a lawyer and judge, Charles worked hard to establish civil liberties, championing rights of the jury, and limiting the powers of the state. He was the Chief Justice of Common Please, Attorney General, and Lord Chancellor. He also served on …