First Steps When Facing a Criminal Charge

Being charged with a crime is a sensitive time. There are many uncertainties and questions surrounding a criminal charge at the Lake of the Ozarks. Facing a criminal charge may come with a wide mix of emotions. From anger to confusion to worry, your emotions may be all over the board and it’s best to make levelheaded decisions during this sensitive time. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Camden County, MO, our team can help point out many of the legal options that are available for your unique circumstances. Learn about a few of the first steps you can anticipate in the process that lies ahead.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney Finding a criminal defense attorney is an important first step when you’ve been charged with a crime. Having an attorney with knowledge and experience can help you best present your side of the case. The ins and outs of criminal defense law can get complicated and it’s best to hire someone with experience in that legal sector to represent yo…

Recently Engaged? Reasons to Establish a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement comes with a negative stigma and it shouldn’t. There are a number of benefits that protect both parties involved in the marriage. Our attorney in Camden County, MO wants to help shake that negative image prenuptial agreements often carry. We’re pointing out some of the reasons establishing a prenuptial agreement near the Lake of the Ozarks can be beneficial to you as you enter into marriage.

Protect Non-marital Assets. When one person in a marriage brings significantly more assets into the marriage than the other, like a house or a growing retirement account, problems dividing them up can emerge if the marriage ends. It’s best to decide in advance how any increase in the value of these assets will be divided, and if they are not going to be divided, to protect them with a prenuptial agreement. Having a prenup in place can also pre-determine any maintenance, formerly known as “alimony” that will be paid out in the event of a divorce. Having these details agreed-t…

Estate Planning Tips for 2020

Thinking about end of life is not the most exciting topic but it’s one of the most important things you can prepare for to ensure your belongings go to whom you intend. Our estate planning attorney in Camden County, Missouri knows how important it is to line out your wishes in a legal document to ensure they are carried out just how you envision. O’Donnell Law Center is here to help point out a few tips as you prepare your estate plan for 2020 below.

Assess your Assets A list of assets can help you make decisions on each asset. Having a complete list can help ensure no assets get overlooked when making estate planning decisions with your attorney. A complete list will help you assess what you have, how it is titled, and who you want to name as a beneficiary.

Discuss Estate Plan with Family Reviewing your estate plan with your loved ones should not be something you spring on them. Try to prepare them for what may be an emotional and potentially intense conversation. Some individuals ch…

Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Establish an Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan may sound like an overwhelming process. It’s really not as intimidating as it may seem with the help of the right estate planning attorney near the Lake of the Ozarks. Here at O’Donnell Law Center, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and convenient place for you and your entire family (if you so wish) to create and solidify your estate plan. Take a look at a few of the reasons you should hire an estate planning attorney to create and establish an estate plan on your behalf.

Legally Sound Documents
It’s important to ensure your estate planning documents are legally sound, and an estate planning attorney can make sure that they are. The right documentation can help keep your assets out of probate court and allow your beneficiaries easier and quicker access to them, when the time comes for your estate plan to be carried out.

Easily Update Wishes
An attorney can help you make updates to your estate plan. Unexpected circumstances come up and we understand t…

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a trying season for everyone involved. Emotions run high and you may not make decisions as well in the heat of the moment as you usually do.  A divorce attorney near the Lake of the Ozarks can help guide you through the difficult journey that lies ahead. O’Donnell Law Center has provided some of the most common reasons an individual will hire a divorce attorney when entering this tough chapter.

1) To Protect Your Rights Protecting your legal rights top of mind for most people going through a divorce.  Unless you’ve had legal training, you likely don’t know the ins and outs of the legal process required in a divorce. Ensure your rights are being protected and that you have your legal bases covered by hiring a divorce attorney to help you through the process.

2) To Ensure Fairness The Court will be required to divide your marital property. Each case is unique and it’s best to consult an experienced divorce attorney to help ensure a fair property division in your divorce.

3) T…

Ways to Prepare your Kids for the Holiday Season during a Divorce

A divorce is a stressful time for all but it can be even more difficult during the holiday season. It’s that time of year and many families with young children are preparing for their first holiday season as a separated or divorced family. If young children are involved in the divorce, it can be a time full of uneasiness for them. Our divorce attorney in Camden County, MO is here to provide some tips you can consider to help ease you through the first holiday season as a separated or divorced parent with young children.

Try to set a plan in advance.  Communication may not be the easiest thing with your ex-spouse but it’s important to communicate for the sake of the kids. Try to have a solid plan in place for the holiday season ahead of time. Share this detailed plan with your kids so they know exactly what is going on. If they know when and where they will be doing certain holiday activities, it can give them a sense of normalcy and routine.

Encourage your kids to share their feelings…

Questions to Ask in Order to Evaluate Your Estate Plan Before 2020

Estate planning is an important process to ensure your assets are given to whom you intend. Our estate planning attorney in Camden County, MO knows how vital this step is to keeping your estate out of probate. It can take quite a bit of time and financial resources to work through the probate process and one goal of an estate plan is usually to help avoid that extra step. Below, you’ll find a few things you’ll want to check over to ensure your estate plan is ready for the new year.

Do you have an estate plan? Having an estate plan is a major step toward ensuring your assets stay out of probate. If you don’t already have one, now is a good time to get one in place.  The estate planning process can be emotional for some, but for most people there is a sense of taking the burden off of their family which is accompanied by a feeling of relief and sense of accomplishment. 

Have you been through a major life change recently?  A new marriage, birth of a child, a divorce, new home, different…