Get To Know the O’Donnell Law Center Staff

Our law center at the Lake of the Ozarks has many unique features that sets our firm apart from others in the area. But we have to mention our amazing staff as one of the great assets here at O’Donnell Law Center. We’re excited to feature our team members in our latest blog. Meet the team you’ll be working with, when you choose O’Donnell Law.

Regina Lynch, ParalegalRegina was born in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated high school in 1980 with a certification in Graphic Art Design.  After graduating, she was employed at a construction equipment company for 14 years, and ended her career as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager to relocate to the lake area.  She and her husband, Bob, have lived here now for over 20 years.
After moving to the lake area, Regina worked as a Court Clerk and Deputy Village Clerk for a local municipality for several years. She enjoyed learning the different functions of small government and handling all the aspects of the court proceedings.
Over the past 1…

Tips for Discussing End of Life Decisions with Your Family

Your arrangements for end of life, also known as an estate plan, are not the most pleasant of topics to discuss with your loved ones, but it’s something that will make the lives of everyone involved much easier when the time comes to implement this plan. Individuals who haven’t prepared their family in advance, or even worse – who have no estate plan in place - can leave a heavy burden for other family members to carry as they work through the probate process. Our estate planning attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks knows this topic carries a heavy burden, but we’re here to offer some tips on how to make it a little easier to discuss your end of life decisions with your loved ones.

Meet with an Estate Planning Attorney A good place to start is to meet with an estate planning attorney that reviews with you your family structure, past, present and future life events and any particular concerns that you have, the types of assets that you own and how they are titled, and your estate plannin…

Unique Features About Our Law Center

Seeking legal representation can be an intimidating time. You may be facing an overwhelming hurdle that comes your way or you may simply be preparing for a different stage in your life. Either way, an experienced attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks can help ease you through your legal process. We provide a unique experience for our clients, and you can learn below about some of the unique features O’Donnell Law Center has to offer.

Flexible Communication Methods We understand you are busy and your schedule may be hectic at times. That’s why we work with your unique schedule to find the best communication methods. We gather all the needed information using all available communication methods  – secure portal, texts, emails, phone, in-person or video conference – so that it is easiest for you.

Meeting Options Most people prefer an in-person meeting, and we are always happy to accommodate that preference.  For those who do not, we can conduct our meetings at times that are convenient to y…

Safety Tips for Bikefest 2019

Bikefest 2019 is almost here and as many bikers around the Midwest prepare for a fun weekend, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. Our Lake of the Ozarks attorney has a passion for riding and we’re here to spread the word on some top safety tips to keep in mind as you head out for a biking weekend to remember. Take a look below at the tips O’Donnell Law Center has compiled for our fellow bikers during Bikefest.

Riding Safety Tips: Always wear your helmet & protective gear. It’s a state law in Missouri, but surrounding states don’t all have a helmet law in place. Protect your head by wearing a helmet at all times while riding. Not only is a helmet important but wearing the right protective clothing is, too. Leather is the one of the more durable protective clothing items you can wear.

Look twice before pulling into traffic. Ensure traffic is clear before you pull onto a road or switch lanes. Others may not have good visibility of your motorcycle so you have to ensure there is…

What We've Learned About Divorce in the Past 5 Years

We’re excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary this August and we’re dedicating our blogs to showcasing what we’ve learned in the past 5 years in business. Our Lake of the Ozarks law center has a great deal of experience in helping our clients through the divorce process. Take a look below to get a glimpse at a few of the things we’ve learned about divorce along the way.

Not Every Divorce is the Same The divorce process differs greatly from case to case. Each couple’s situation is unique and customized solutions are needed for almost every circumstance. Just because your friend had a rough divorce does not mean your divorce has to be the same, and vise versa.

Expect the Unexpected Divorce is one of the most emotionally challenging times and that kind of stress can make people act unlike they normally would. Your spouse may act in a way that you never thought possible. Just remember, to some extent that is normal and part of the divorce process.  When that happens, it can be helpful to…

What We’ve Learned About Probate the Past 5 Years

August marks our 5 year anniversary and we’re celebrating in a unique way. We’re dedicating a blog series to various kinds of law that our law center at the Lake of the Ozarks practices in. This week, we’re featuring some of the things we have learned and that we think you may like to know about the probate process.

Probate is not as scary as it sounds.  The majority of people think of probate and assume the worst. It doesn’t have to be as bad as many are led to believe. It does take time and money to work through the process but a professional attorney on your side can help make it much less intimidating and more efficient.

Preparing your estate plan can help prevent probate, but not always.  Many people don’t realize that a will is not enough to keep your estate out of probate. Taking the additional steps of assigning a non-probate transfer (such as a payable-on-death or transfer-on-death designation) to each asset takes a little extra time and effort, but can go a long way in getti…

What We’ve Learned about Estate Planning in the Last 5 Years

August marks our 5th year in business. Our Lake of the Ozarks law center is celebrating by sharing some of the observations we’ve made along the way in the practice area of estate planning. If you’re interested in creating an estate plan at the Lake of the Ozarks, this blog is for you.

What is Estate Planning?  Estate planning consists of thinking through your end of life wishes, and reducing them to writing. It’s not the most uplifting topic to think about, but if you have assets that you’d like to be gifted to a certain family member or friend, or if you have small children that you would like to plan for should you suddenly no longer be able to care for them, then an estate plan in Camden County, Missouri can help ensure your wishes are carried out.

What We’ve Learned about Estate Planning: Everyone can benefit from an estate plan.  There is a common misconception that people with a significant amount of wealth are the only ones who need an estate plan.  However, no matter the amou…