11 Common Legal Terms And What They Mean

It's no secret - successfully navigating a legal case requires carefully juggling lots of moving parts. Your main concern should be on acquiring evidence and working closely with your attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks, but some people find themselves spending more time simply trying to decipher the legal terms and vocabulary that make up each legal document.

Don't let all those confusing legal terms overwhelm you! The team at O'Donnell Law Center is here to help ease the burden with this simple glossary of common legal terms and vocabulary.

Legal Terms - Defined

A written document containing facts the signer swears are true (under penalty of perjury).

A request to have a previous ruling reviewed (and affirmed or reversed) by a court of higher authority.

Common Law
Law that gets its power from customs and judicial decisions as opposed to statutes and legislation.

Contempt Of Court
When someone knowingly violates or disrespects the court's order, proceedings, or instructions, they are held in contempt of court. Those held in contempt of court may be subject to confinement or fines.

The act of questioning the other side's witness.

The company or individual who has been accused of a civil or criminal wrongdoing.

The process of a legal controversy culminating in a courtroom trial.

The process by which a neutral third party supervises the discussions and communications between disputing parties in an attempt to reach a settlement, compromise, or other form of resolution.

The company or individual who is claiming to have been wronged and is bringing the case forward. Sometimes called the "complainant."

A court order that requires someone to appear and testify or to produce some designated form of evidence. Failure to comply could result in being held in contempt of court.

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