Top 5 Ways to Make Divorce Easier on your Children

Divorce is a tough time for everyone involved – especially kids. It can be hard for young children to understand what is happening to their family. It can be difficult for children to process this time as their family dynamic changes. As your divorce attorney in Osage Beach, MO, our law center sees a number of children struggle as their parents get a divorce at the Lake of the Ozarks. We’re here to help parents through the divorce process but we’d also like to help offer advice on how to make this stressful time easier on your kids, as well.

1) Be Honest

It’s best to be honest about your divorce with your kids. While they may not need to know all the ugly details, they deserve to know what is going on with their parents. Have an open conversation about your divorce from your spouse and let them know they can ask any questions they may have. Try to answer any questions in an honest and positive manor.

2) Encourage them to Share Feelings

You should always encourage your kids to share their feelings as they go through any life change. A divorce should be no different. Let them know that you are always there to listen to them and help them work through any feelings they may have about the situation. This emotional support is vital, especially through a divorce.

3) Avoid Negative Talk

Speaking ill about a child’s parent does not hurt your spouse, it hurts your child and may hinder their views of your spouse or yourself. It’s best to keep things positive if you are referencing your spouse – after all, this is still your child’s parent. While it’s not healthy to hold in your feelings – try to vent about issues with friends or family outside listening reach of your child.

4) Consider Professional Help

If your child seems to be struggling with the idea of their parents getting a divorce, consider a professional counselor. An outside supporter can be a vital part of your child working through their emotions. While you support your child, it may be touchy or awkward for them to share feelings with you – since you are directly involved in the divorce. Offering an outside, neutral party who has your child’s interest at heart can be very beneficial.

5) Establish a New Routine

Routines are important for a young child. While your routine during a divorce can be different than before, try to find a new routine and stick to it. As you establish your new schedule with your children, try to keep it consistent and positive.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce near the Lake of the Ozarks and you have children, the above tips can help ease your family through the process. It’s best to keep the conversation positive and be honest at the same time, when talking to your kids about divorce. Our Lake of the Ozarks divorce attorney is here to help guide you through the entire divorce process. We take an individualized approach and find the best solutions for your unique situation. Whether it’s time or financial constraints, we can help work around your timeframe and budget. Contact O’Donnell Law Center today to get the process started.

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