Relational vs. Transactional

Forming strong relationships is an essential component to success. At O’Donnell Law Center, we believe that forming relationships with our clients is an important part of the process. Many law offices and attorneys focus on getting the facts and only the facts. They aren’t necessarily concerned with forming relationships with their clients. At O’Donnell Law Center, we are focused on creating relationships with our clients first.

A Great Foundation

It’s important to us at O’Donnell Law Center to create a great foundation and that starts with a great personal relationship. We like to spend the first few minutes of the meeting focused on the client, not the problem they may be dealing with. We ask questions to really learn more about the client and to really get to know them. We want our clients to know that they are important to us and they aren’t just another case. At O’Donnell Law center we prefer to be more relational vs. transactional. While we know you come to us to help with your legal troubles, we want to focus on you as a human being and help you on a personal level.

Building Strong Relationships

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
This is one of the simplest of tasks, but it is often forgotten. When we engage with our clients, we try to put ourselves in their shoes and provide the same level of service and respect we would want.

Remember that your customers are people, not numbers.
We like to take a personal interest in our clients and we believe it creates a great foundation. When you’re dealing with legal issues, the last thing you want to feel like is just another number or legal case.

Honesty is key.
We like to be upfront and honest with our clients. From legal fees to the process, we like to keep our clients in the know and up to date on everything that is happening.

Our Mission

At O’Donnell Law Center, our lives revolve around a single statement:
We carry your burden ~ You carry on with life

Sometimes life can get messy. You can’t predict when you’re going to hit a bump in the road. When you’re dealing with an unexpected challenge, O’Donnell Law Center will be there to lift the burden off of your shoulders and place it on ours.

Here at O’Donnell Law Center, our relationships with our clients is a priority for us. We aren’t just another law firm that treats you like another legal case. It’s important that our clients know that we care about their well-being and we are here for them every step of the way. 

We Carry Your Burden ~ You Carry On With Life.

Disclaimer: No attorney-client relationship is created by the publication of this blog.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertising.

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