First Steps When Facing a Criminal Charge

Being charged with a crime is a sensitive time. There are many uncertainties and questions surrounding a criminal charge at the Lake of the Ozarks. Facing a criminal charge may come with a wide mix of emotions. From anger to confusion to worry, your emotions may be all over the board and it’s best to make levelheaded decisions during this sensitive time. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Camden County, MO, our team can help point out many of the legal options that are available for your unique circumstances. Learn about a few of the first steps you can anticipate in the process that lies ahead.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding a criminal defense attorney is an important first step when you’ve been charged with a crime. Having an attorney with knowledge and experience can help you best present your side of the case. The ins and outs of criminal defense law can get complicated and it’s best to hire someone with experience in that legal sector to represent you and your case.

Document, Document, Document

The sooner you meet with a defense attorney the better. This way you can document everything you remember about the crime you’re being accused of committing. The more details of the incident you have documented, the better you can prepare for different strategies that may be used against you. Don’t forget to document any possible witnesses. This can help bring perspectives into the conversation and may help with be very helpful to your defense.

Know the Details of Your Charges

Criminal charges vary based upon the circumstances and severity of the underlying facts. It’s best to understand your charges inside and out, as well as the potential punishments of the charge. Remember, not every case is the same and just because you know someone who faced the same charge, it does not mean you’ll have the same outcome.

Get Strategic with Defense

With the risks that comes along with a criminal charge, it’s important for you and your attorney to get strategic with your defense. Honesty is vital for this strategy and you should share all the relevant details about the case with your attorney, so no surprises happen in the court room.

O’Donnell Law Center is here for your criminal defense needs. We can help ease you through this confusing and intimidating time in your life. Having experience on your side can help give you a better idea of the possible outcomes of the charges you are facing and help guide you through the process, right by your side.

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