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Assigning A Guardian: Important Considerations

As a parent, ensuring your children are properly cared for should always be one of your top priorities. While few people want to think about their own mortality (especially parents with children under the age of 18), taking steps now so that your children will have a loving, trustworthy guardian to care for them in the event that something happens to you is an important aspect of parenting. Whether you are preparing for your first baby or are already parenting multiple children, nominating a legal guardian for your children is simple. Our estate planning attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help. Nominating A Guardian For Your Children Once your children turn eighteen, they are an adult and no longer legally considered to be in need of a guardian. Until that day, however, they need a guardian to watch over them. Hopefully you will be around well beyond the time needed to fulfill that role.  But in the event you are not, without having nominated a legal guardian for yo

Is Texting And Driving A Crime?

While most people agree that texting and driving can be a dangerous combination, there is not a complete ban against it in all states. Missouri is one of those states. Keep reading to learn more about some of the unique laws of texting and driving. Texting & Driving - Illegal In Missouri? Under Missouri law, texting and driving is not illegal as long as the driver: is at least 22 years of age is operating a personal vehicle (not a commercial one) Many people are surprised to learn that it is not illegal for adults in Missouri to text and drive Missouri is one of only four states to not yet have a state-wide ban against texting and driving (Texas, Arizona, and Montana are the other states currently without a total ban against the practice). Should I Allow Myself To Text & Drive? Though it is not necessarily illegal (at this time) for adults to text and drive, it does not mean it is a safe. Texting and driving can, and sometimes does, lead to serious car a

3 Tips To Help You Build A Solid Prenuptial Agreement

There are few times in a person's life as romantic as planning a wedding. Once you've gotten engaged to the man/woman of your dreams, your life may seem like a whirlwind of planning and excitement. Amidst all of this excitement, however, it is important to dedicate some time and attention to one slightly less romantic (but equally critical) part of the process: building a prenuptial agreement . Understanding The Importance Of A Prenuptial Agreement Barring certain unusual circumstances, no newlywed couple thinks their marriage will end in divorce. Since the U.S. divorce rate continues to hover around fifty percent, however, the unfortunate truth is that approximately half of these newlywed couples will eventually experience it. Hopefully it won't happen to you, but it is important to be be prepared just in case. Building a prenuptial agreement is an important part of being prepared. By building this document before you say "I do," you can establish some

4 Things To Know About Debt Collections Defense

Staying on top of your finances can be a tricky process. Due to the inherently unpredictable nature of life, unforeseen circumstances may suddenly arise out of nowhere and throw your finances out of balance. If/when this happens, paying your monthly bills may become a challenge. Late payments often incur late fees and other penalty charges, which then makes them even more expensive - and thus even harder to pay off. All too quickly, your finances may spiral down into a vicious cycle that may be challenging to overcome. If you feel yourself getting sucked into this pattern, it is crucial that you contact a Missouri debt collections defense attorney immediately. Being Pursued For Delinquent Debt Unfortunately, creditors are often not very sympathetic to the situations you're facing that may have led to your inability to pay your bills. All creditors know is that they have not received the money owed to them, and often all they care about is taking steps to get that money.