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What Sets Us Apart?

At O'Donnell Law Center , we are truly dedicated to our clients and do everything we can to find positive solutions to their everyday challenges. We believe that we possess a unique set of strengths that help us rise above the rest. Here is a glimpse of how our law firm at the Lake of the Ozarks can provide you with legal assistance you need - and deserve. We Use The Most Up-To-Date Technology Available The race for the newest form of technology is never ending, and it can seem a little hard to keep up sometimes. At O'Donnell Law Center, we nevertheless make it a priority to stay on top of the latest technology advancements and use them to our advantage. By embracing the power of modern technology, we are able to serve our clients more efficiently and conveniently. For example... Our Clients Choose How (And When!) We Communicate Thanks to Skype, email, texting, FaceTime, and other modern forms of communication, our clients have the freedom of selecting how and w

Powers Of Attorney - They're NOT One Size Fits All

Are you familiar with the concept of a Durable Power of Attorney ? If you or someone you know has spoken with a lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks about setting up a will or a living will, you have probably heard the phrase mentioned at least once. Essentially, a "Durable Power of Attorney" is a document used to designate someone to handle important affairs or make critical decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so for yourself. Essentially, there are two main types of power of attorney: Medical and Financial. Medical Power Of Attorney Your medical power of attorney designates a trusted friend or family member you appoint to make and enforces important decisions about your medical treatment in the event that you become incapacitated. As an extreme example, your medical power of attorney will be responsible for seeing that your instructions are honored about whether or not to allow extraordinary measures or life support in the event you enter

11 Common Legal Terms And What They Mean

It's no secret - successfully navigating a legal case requires carefully juggling lots of moving parts. Your main concern should be on acquiring evidence and working closely with your attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks , but some people find themselves spending more time simply trying to decipher the legal terms and vocabulary that make up each legal document. Don't let all those confusing legal terms overwhelm you! The team at O'Donnell Law Center is here to help ease the burden with this simple glossary of common legal terms and vocabulary. Legal Terms - Defined Affidavit A written document containing facts the signer swears are true (under penalty of perjury). Appeal A request to have a previous ruling reviewed (and affirmed or reversed) by a court of higher authority. Common Law Law that gets its power from customs and judicial decisions as opposed to statutes and legislation. Contempt Of Court When someone knowingly violates or disrespects the cou

Finals Study Tips for Law Students

It's that time of year again! Students are in the throes of preparing their final presentations, writing their final essays, and studying for their final examinations. Law students face unique challenges during this busy time of year. This year, the team at O'Donnell Law Center is here to assist all of the law students out there with these important study tips for their final exams. Tip #1: STUDY This may seem obvious, but no amount of preparation tips and tricks can be as effective as simply sitting down and applying yourself. Until you learn which study method works best for you, there are several different options you can try. Here's a quick look at some of the ways law students choose to study: Read over the material  - over and over again. This works best for people who are visual learners. Recite the material out loud - over and over again. This works well for people who like both visual and auditory learning methods. Make flashcards. Use these cards to q

Legal Help For Every Generation

Time marches on! The years pass slowly but surely, bringing with them new stages of life and countless new adventures, new challenges, and new joys. Each stage of life also comes with its own unique set of legal needs, and the team at O'Donnell Law Center will be here with you along every step of the way. No matter where you are in your journey, our attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks will be here to provide you with the legal representation you need. Twenties This is such an exciting time! Young individuals are earning their degrees and embarking on their adult lives, defining who they are and carving out their niches in life. As you get married and begin to acquire assets such as homes, vehicles, and perhaps IRAs or other retirement plans, it is important to establish a will. This legal document dictates who will receive these assets if something happens to you. The team at O'Donnell Law Center can help you establish a will at the Lake of the Ozarks . If you a