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A Breakdown Of Our Family Law Services

Family law covers a wide range of legal services, and many of them are sensitive subjects. From divorce to adoption, family law cases can be highly emotional because they impact the people you care most about – your family. Our family law attorney in Osage Beach, MO knows how difficult it can be to work through a case that impacts your family, but we also know there is often some confusion when it comes to the different case types that the family law category covers. This week, O’Donnell Law Center is providing a break-down of some of the types of family law cases that we can assist with. Divorce A divorce legally dissolves a marriage. But it often does other things, such as dividing marital assets, setting apart the non-marital property, determining custody, visitation and child support, and ordering maintenance. Some of these factors can be quite complicated to resolve, and as a result, can impact the length of time it takes to complete the divorce process. Adoption Adop

Tips for Working Through a Custody Battle

Getting a divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved but your emotions may be heightened even more if you have children involved in the divorce. Child custody is its own category in the family law realm and our attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you work through your divorce, child custody, and child support case as you start this new phase of your life. A custody battle can bring out the worst in people as fighting for time with your children is a sensitive subject. O’Donnell Law Center has provided some helpful tips as you work through the struggles that may be involved in a custody battle. Consult an Expert An experienced divorce attorney can help offer guidance through this difficult time. It can be hard to navigate the legal system alone and it’s best to know about all the potential consequences that may be caused by a decision you’re making out of emotion. Think About Your Child’s Best Interest Your child should be your top priority through the entire

Ways to Honor Veterans this Veterans Day

Veterans Day will be here before we know it. Taking place on Monday, November 11th , this federal holiday is a time where we honor those who have served our country. This is a time to honor and give much-needed praise to the men and women who have served our great country. Our law center at the Lake of the Ozarks takes Veterans Day very seriously and we want to help offer some ideas of ways you can honor a veteran this coming Veterans Day. Attend a Veterans Day event at a local school. There are many local schools that put on a Veterans Day assembly. Whether you choose to participate and speak at the event or show your support in the crowd, it’s a very important way to honor those who have served our country. If you have children in school, ask them about the upcoming assembly and come up with ways to honor veterans at home, as well. Participate in the Veterans Day parade Many towns across the country will put on parades this Veterans Day. Osage Beach has a Veterans Day Par