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Legal Representation For Your HOA

Homeowners' associations (HOAs) are common organizations at the Lake Area and around the rest of the country. Homeowners' associations may consist of a variety of different types of dwellings, including townhouses and single-family homes. Condominium owners' associations are particularly common here at the Lake, but there are several HOAs consisting of single-family homes as well. As with most corporations, HOAs are sometimes in need of legal representation to protect their interests. When these situations arise, our attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks will be here to help. About Homeowners' Associations Property owners within HOAs are required to pay for dues for the association, which are typically referred to as "assessments." Depending on the HOA's needs, these assessments may be charged annually, biannually, or monthly. The exact costs covered by the assessments vary from association to association, but they typically include items such as:

Your Estate Planning Resource At The Lake

Our estate planning division is one of the most active divisions at our Lake of the Ozarks general practice law firm . This is a good thing, because it means people are recognizing the importance of making end of life decisions and getting those wishes in writing. There are several different situations in life that may trigger the need to develop or revise your estate plan. We have talked before about some of them, such as buying your first home or car, receiving an inheritance, and/or starting a business. This week, your estate planning professionals in Osage Beach MO are here to discuss a few other situations that may motivate people to make important end of life decisions. When To Draft (Or Revise) Your Estate Plan Starting A Family Starting a family is a life-changing experience. Your kids will become your whole world - the first people you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last people you think about before going to sleep at night. As parents, you wi

Frequently Asked Questions About Setting Up An LLC

If you plan to start a business at the Lake of the Ozarks , one of the first things you will have to do is determine what business entity you would like to use. Because of its many distinct advantages, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to incorporate their businesses as limited liability companies (LLCs). If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you probably have several questions about the process. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about setting up an LLC, courtesy of your business attorney in Osage Beach MO . What Does It Take To Set Up An LLC? In order to set up a legally recognized LLC, you will have to check with the Secretary of State's office to ensure that your proposed business name has not already been claimed by someone else, and if not, then you will prepare and submit your Articles of Organization. Unless you are registering a fictitious name, you do not have to take separate steps to register the business name. How Many Pe

Wills vs Revocable Living Trusts: Which Is Right For You?

While no one wants to think about it, none of us will live forever. Effective end of life discussions go beyond a simple "who gets my stuff?" - in order to properly plan your estate at the Lake of the Ozarks , it's important to identify what you want people to remember about you and what makes you comfortable. O'Donnell Law Center will be here to help facilitate these types of conversations. Setting Up Your Estate Plan No two estate plans are exactly alike. A proper estate plan is completely customized to meet you and your family's unique needs. Different financial and familial situations require the use of different estate planning documents. Today, we're going to look specifically at wills and revocable living trusts. Revocable Living Trusts Revocable living trusts are valuable estate planning documents that offer several unique advantages. For example, with a revocable living trust, you can: Designate a successor trustee to be in charge of you