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Debt: America's Current Financial Crisis

Debt is one of the greatest obstacles any adult can face, and unfortunately, it has become a pervasive problem in our modern society. In order to better illustrate the current debt burdens American households are carrying, our Lake of the Ozarks debt collections defense attorney is here to share the following 2016 statistics compiled by  NerdWallet . Here is how much debt the average household has in each of these categories: Credit cards - $16,748 Car loans - $28,948 Student loans - $49,905 Mortgages - $176,222 Any given household may carry more or less debt than the average in each of these categories, depending on the family's specific lifestyle/needs. NerdWallet goes on to reveal that after adjusting the totals in any given category, the average household carries a total debt balance of $134,643 (including mortgages). What Happens To All That Debt? Typically, consumers take on debts to cover certain large purchases they would not otherwise be able to a

Enforcing Your Company's Business Contracts

As a small business owner, you will likely form multiple contracts. Employee agreements, purchase orders from vendors, services you provide to your customers, and lease agreements are just a few examples of the types of contracts you are likely to encounter. Contracts are designed to protect all parties involved in the agreement, ensuring that everyone receives the value promised to them. In most cases, all parties uphold their ends of the bargain and things progress without incident. However, in some cases, one party may fail to perform as agreed. In these instances, you may be required to take steps to enforce the contract in order to protect your interests. Our Lake of the Ozarks business attorney is here to examine what makes a contract enforceable and what steps you can take to begin the process. What Is A Contract? Essentially, a contract is formed when you agree to exchange things of comparable value with another party. For example, you agree to give customers your pr

A Loved One Passed Away Without A Will... Now What?

One purpose of an estate plan is to organize your affairs so that when you pass, your assets can be smoothly and easily transferred to your surviving heirs. When designed correctly, estate plans can be used to reduce taxation, avoid probate, arrange for your minor children to inherit your assets when they come of age, and serve a variety of other purposes. Unfortunately, some people do not get a chance to organize their estates before they pass away. Experts estimate that approximately half of Americans don't have estate plans (or even simple wills) in place. No one wants to think about death, and many people put off the act of planning their estates because they assume that they have many more years before such documentation would become necessary. While the hope is for everyone to live long lives, sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Passing Away "Intestate" If your loved one has recently passed away without a will in place, organizing her affairs wi

5 Reasons You NEED A Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges is arguably one of the most stressful events you may ever experience. Whether or not you actually committed the crime in question, a criminal accusation means that your life must be largely put on hold until the investigation and trial are resolved. Throughout the process, nothing will matter as much as ensuring that your rights (and your future) are protected. Here are a few reasons why it is important that you secure the representation of an experienced Lake of the Ozarks criminal defense attorney . An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can... 1. Handle Your Case Effectively. The fact that a well-versed criminal defense attorney will know and understand the law better than you should go without saying. The legal field is often convoluted and complex; no layperson will understand the criminal justice system as thoroughly as an experienced attorney. Your attorney's knowledge and expertise will be a huge asset to you as you progress through the t