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Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time that is meant for celebrations of all kinds. Whether that’s a family get together or a party with friends, New Year’s Eve is fun for everyone. While it’s a time that is meant for bringing in the new year with celebration, it’s also a time when safety isn’t always a priority. New Year’s Even Dangers The combination of people out celebrating and the prominent role that drinking often plays at events makes New Year’s Even one of the most common nights of the year for both injuries and accidents. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), roughly one out of ten accidents that occur in December and January happen over the New Year holiday. The hours that lead up to midnight and the early morning of January 1 are the most dangerous. Some common types of accidents that occur during New Year’s Eve include: Car accidents Slips and falls Pedestrian accidents Accidental fires and fireworks injuries Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

Do You Work From Home?

It is becoming more and more popular for organizations to allow their staff members to work from home. This is supported by the advances in technology. Some people hardly have to go into the office anymore. Allowing staff members to work from home has its pros and cons. Check them out below! Cons It helps to be self-driven and self-motivated to work from home. While you don’t have a commute, you have to start on time and work the required hours. You work alone. Some people who work from home miss the camaraderie and gossip around the water cooler. You can’t “escape” the office to go home. When you work from home, your home is your office and your office is your home. For some, it can be hard to distinguish between the two. There is a danger of overworking. When you work from home it’s possible that you may put in too many hours. Imagine you’re about to go to bed and you suddenly realize you forgot to send a few emails or take care of a task earlier that day.  It’s really

Protect Your Holiday Packages

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is here and that means presents and gifts of all kinds will be delivered to homes across the country. There’s nothing worse than having packages and mail stolen from your mailbox or right off your front porch. When people steal packages and mail, it’s a crime of opportunity. O’Donnell Law Center has a few tips to keep your packages safe during the holidays. Get a Tracking Number Ask for a tracking number when your package is shipped, that way you know the moment your package was delivered. Track your packages during the entire shipment process and try to be home at the time of delivery. When you place an order, try to schedule a certain date or time for delivery. This way, you can schedule a time when you know you’ll be home. Request a Signature FedEx suggests that you request a signature for delivery. This will ensure that your package won’t be left at your door when you’re not home. While it may require an e

Do Not Resuscitate

In a news article from USA Today, an unconscious 70-year-old man was rushed to the emergency room. When he arrived, he had no identification, and no one with him. What he did have was a tattoo across his chest that said, “Do Not Resuscitate”. His tattoo even included his signature. This put the emergency room doctors in an ethical dilemma. Do you honor the tattoo and let the man die or do you save him? Check out the rest of the article here: The creative, outside-of-the-box thinking demonstrated by this gentleman underscores the importance of having properly executed estate planning documents, and especially an advance directive. The Strength Behind a Power of Attorney When it comes to a power of attorney and advanced planning, you should sit down regularly with your trusted loved ones and discuss not only your intentions but also

Federal Criminal Defense Continuing Education

Lawyers, like many professionals, must keep up their education. The world around us is constantly changing and it’s important that we stay on top of those changes. There are new laws, changes to current laws and sometimes changes in the method of how law is practiced. Attorneys are required to attend a certain number of hours of continuing education annually. By attending continuing education workshops and seminars, we can stay on top of changes and issues and we are able to perform our jobs better. Last week, Deirdre O’Donnell was in Savannah Georgia continuing her education for Federal Criminal Defense. She was at a workshop learning about the new laws and regulations.  This also gave her the opportunity to network with other attorneys from around the country. In addition to Federal Criminal Defense, we also practice Criminal Defense at the Municipal and State level. While Deirdre was walking to class enjoying t he Spanish Moss