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We Carry Your Burden When Life Becomes a Witch

In Salem, Massachusetts, early 1692, a courtroom determined that witches were causing illnesses in the townspeople.  Life in the Colonies was hard, fear of losing food supply, warring tribes nearby, recent smallpox epidemic were a few of the daily struggles. Those worries, plus a strong belief in the devil made it easy for people to accept that illnesses may be caused by witches.   A special court was formed, Court of Oyer and Terminer,  meaning "to hear and to decide".  This court was made up of a Chief Justice, magistrates and jurors.  They would hear evidence, which was really just accusations, and then find the accused guilty.   In the 15 months that followed, 14 women and 5 men were hanged, and another man was crushed to death.  Five others, including 2 infants died in prison.   There were other witch trials in neighboring towns and also in Connecticut.  In the fall, the governor disbanded the court.  The following spring, the Superior Court of Judicat

Increasing the Efficiency of Lawyers

Having the time to spend on building a relationship with our clients is important to us at O’Donnell Law Center . So important, that we have come up with ways to improve our efficiency so we are able to have more time with our clients.   Better Client Intake is Key to Our Efficiency While the legal process itself is undoubtedly filled with inefficiencies, the client intake process is a crucial step in the efficient rendering of legal services. Unlike the legal processes which are numerous, varied and often times complicated, the client intake process is simple and easy to improve. At O’Donnell Law Center we have done just that. The client intake process is filled with tasks we do numerous times a year, so we decided to standardize these tasks and create a template that we personalize for each new client. The intake process is what sets the tone for the legal processes, which makes up the majority of time spent on any client matter. Legal processes benefit when the firm knows

Relational vs. Transactional

Forming strong relationships is an essential component to success. At O’Donnell Law Center , we believe that forming relationships with our clients is an important part of the process. Many law offices and attorneys focus on getting the facts and only the facts. They aren’t necessarily concerned with forming relationships with their clients. At O’Donnell Law Center , we are focused on creating relationships with our clients first. A Great Foundation It’s important to us at O’Donnell Law Center to create a great foundation and that starts with a great personal relationship. We like to spend the first few minutes of the meeting focused on the client, not the problem they may be dealing with. We ask questions to really learn more about the client and to really get to know them. We want our clients to know that they are important to us and they aren’t just another case. At O’Donnell Law center we prefer to be more relational vs. transactional. While we know you come to us to he