Increasing the Efficiency of Lawyers

Having the time to spend on building a relationship with our clients is important to us at O’Donnell Law Center. So important, that we have come up with ways to improve our efficiency so we are able to have more time with our clients.  

Better Client Intake is Key to Our Efficiency

While the legal process itself is undoubtedly filled with inefficiencies, the client intake process is a crucial step in the efficient rendering of legal services. Unlike the legal processes which are numerous, varied and often times complicated, the client intake process is simple and easy to improve. At O’Donnell Law Center we have done just that. The client intake process is filled with tasks we do numerous times a year, so we decided to standardize these tasks and create a template that we personalize for each new client. The intake process is what sets the tone for the legal processes, which makes up the majority of time spent on any client matter. Legal processes benefit when the firm knows exactly what needs to be done and who needs to be involved right from the beginning.

How We Improve Client Intake for Greater Efficiency

Make it as easy as possible for our clients.
We know that you are going through a stressful time in your life and the last thing you want is added stress. We have standardized our process to help make the intake process fast, easy, and as painless as possible.

We are organized and provide clear instructions.
It’s important that our clients are well-informed and they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and what we need from them. We also make sure they know what to expect when working with us. Good organization is important when you want to get through the intake process efficiently. We keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be accomplished.

We use the newest technology.
Using technology to our benefit allows us to communicate with our clients in many different ways and it helps us to streamline the intake process as well. Not only does this help with our efficiency, it’s also cost saving, which we love to pass on to our clients.

We are always improving our process.
We always take a step back and analyze our process so we can find ways to improve the intake process over time. We put an emphasis on retooling and we make sure our document templates are up to date and are the best possible version. We focus on retooling at least once or twice a year because it is important to us. We want to assure our clients that they are getting the most out of their time.

We aren’t afraid to try new things.
It may be as simple as moving a desk or installing new software, but we will look at our practice and see how we can do more and do it more efficiently.  We are always open to new ideas and improvements. If something doesn’t work with our practice or it doesn’t help us with efficiency, then we simply change our method again. As times change, it’s important to adapt and to change with them.

By constantly improving our processes and increasing our efficiency, we are able to spend more time on what truly matters. Our clients. Our goal at O’Donnell Law Center is to take the burden off of your shoulders and place it onto ours. 

We Carry Your Burden ~ You Carry On With Life.

Disclaimer: No attorney-client relationship is created by the publication of this blog.

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