Is A 'Suspended Imposition Of Sentence' A Viable Option For Your Criminal Case?

In many criminal cases where the defendant is found guilty, the Court orders a sentence to serve as the consequence for the crime committed. Depending on the severity of the crime, the sentence may include a fine, jail/prison time, or a combination thereof. In certain situations, however, the imposition of a sentence may be "suspended," allowing the defendant the opportunity to avoid a fine and confinement. O'Donnell Law Center is here to help you understand this unique situation and how it may be applicable to a criminal case.

What Is Suspended Imposition Of Sentence?

Suspended Imposition of Sentence (often abbreviated as "SIS") is a sentencing option trial courts sometimes use when the defendant is placed on probation. This probationary period may be supervised or unsupervised, depending on the Court's order. As its name suggests, an SIS order "suspends" the sentence while the defendant is on probation. Typically, the sentence remains suspended as long as the defendant follows the rules established by the probation conditions. If the probationer successfully completes the probation, then a conviction and sentence will never be imposed.  However, if the probationer violates the probation agreement, he or she may be brought back before the judge for a probation violation hearing, and if found guilty of violating probation, the Judge may impose a conviction at that time, and will have the full range of sentencing options that he or she would have had prior to the probationary period.

What Are The Advantages Of An SIS Order?

SIS is advantageous because it keeps the conviction off of the criminal record. In addition, an SIS helps keep the matter a bit more private on Missouri, as upon successful completion of probation, the criminal matter is no longer visible to the general public as opposed to being publicly accessible like most criminal convictions are. 

An SIS does not, however, keep the arrest and disposition from being visible to the law enforcement community, the judicial system or criminal background checks.

When Is An SIS Order Used?

Suspended Imposition of Sentence is only used in criminal cases. They can be used in misdemeanor and felony cases. DWI charges are a common example. If you are charged with a DWI, your DWI attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks may be able to negotiate an SIS on your behalf.

An order of probation always accompanies an SIS. Probation often comes with special conditions.  These conditions can include such things as: 
  • Not drinking alcohol.
  • Not patronizing venues that primarily serve alcohol.
  • Taking random urine/blood tests to ensure you are in compliance with your probation agreement.

When considering an SIS, it is important to know the conditions of your probation in advance, and be confident that you can successfully satisfy each and every one of them, as a violation can result in stiff consequences.  There may be alternatives to an SIS and probation that are better suited for your circumstances.

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  1. How do you get a ses conviction changed to a sis conviction. Or is this possible?I am 60 years old never convicted of anything but misdemeanors before. My lawyer lied to me to get me to skip pulmonary hearing and jury trial he told me the prosecuting attorney was going to give me back my confiscated property if I did he never told him anything like that,never told me what was happening in court,never received a single court document I got handed over to the court with no idea of what was going on . I need help and advice please

  2. Any advice will be greatly appreciated my name is Keith Shaw and that is my e mail thank you all for any help you can give me help me believe in the justice system again because right now I have no faith in Justice none whatsoever


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