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Steps To Take Before Starting Your Own Business

As any business owner will attest to, there’s a lot that goes into setting up a company. You are probably well aware of some of the more obvious matters, such as finalizing your business name, choosing/building/leasing your location, and securing any needed funding to get your business off the ground. While these steps are important, they barely scratch the surface of the myriad of details that must be attended to. This week, our business attorney in Osage Beach MO is here to look closely at three important steps that need your attention as you prepare to start a business at the Lake of the Ozarks . Talk To An Accountant As you might guess, there is a lot of financial responsibility involved in owning your own business. You will be responsible for ensuring that you meet all of your expenses, that you and your employees are paid, that you pay your taxes on time and in full, and that by the time it’s all said and done, your business turns a profit. Business finances are subject to

End-Of-Life Decisions: Starting The Conversation

Though we know that we won't live forever, few of us want to think about the fact that we will one day pass away.  However, it is  important to think about what we want life to look like for our surviving family members once we are no longer around. Because this may be an unpleasant thought process, it can be difficult to open ourselves up to these types of conversations.  If you or a loved one is having trouble discussing end-of-life preparations, our estate planning firm in Osage Beach MO may be able to help. We frequently facilitate these types of conversations for our clients. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you start the conversation. End-Of-Life Decisions There are a number of end-of-life decisions that should be addressed, and we have listed a few examples below: Who do you want to inherit your property? At what age do you wish your children to receive access to their inheritance? Who do you want to make end-of-life decisions on your behalf in

Legal Implications of BWI Charges

Momentum for the summer season is steadily building. As temperatures climb slowly but steadily, the Lake Area gets busier and busier - especially on the weekends. By the end of summer 2017, the Lake of the Ozarks will host several hundred thousand tourists. For many people who visit our beautiful area during these warmer months, spending time out on the water is a top priority. Boating is a staple of summer fun, but it is not without its share of risks. This week, our Lake of the Ozarks attorney is here to take a closer look at one particularly dangerous risk boaters face: alcohol. Adult Beverages On The Lake Most people who visit the Lake of the Ozarks greatly look forward to getting out on the water and enjoying a few cold beverages while they're at it. In doing so, it is important to drink responsibly as a passenger, and to designate a sober captain.  Don't Drink And... Boat? As we all know, alcohol consumption impairs judgment and motor skills. People who are