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Cremation vs Burial – What’s the Difference?

Planning for end of life may come with more decisions than you first expect. Creating an estate plan near the Lake of the Ozarks can help relieve your loved ones from having to make many tough decisions upon your passing. Not only can you decide who will receive your assets, you can also plan your end of life wishes for being laid to rest. Our estate planning attorney in Camden County, Missouri wants to help inform you of some of the decisions you’ll need to make as you make your end of life plans. In this week’s blog, we’re comparing the difference between cremation and burial options for being laid to rest. All About Cremation: Cremation is the act of being incinerated until your remains become ashes. This method of body disposal is becoming more and more popular. Timeframe – cremation can take place further after death. The flexibility with time allows your family time to gather and plan a more personalized ceremony. Paying Respects – family and friends can memorialize th

3 Reasons Cremation is Becoming More Popular

Cremation is becoming a more and more common choice for after death arrangements. This method is disposing of a body by burning the remains into ashes. These ashes can be disposed of in a number of ways or kept around to memorialize the person who has passed away. Cremation is something you can decide ahead of time and plan for in your estate plan at the Lake of the Ozarks . There are many reasons people are leaning toward cremation and our Lake of the Ozarks estate planning attorney is here to help share some of them with you. Cremation is typically less expensive.  Cremation is a must more cost effective means of body disposal. The two costs commonly associated are the actual cremation process and the urn, or container the ashes are stored in. A traditional ground burial has a large amount of expenses required to complete the process. Buying a burial plot, paying to have the ground opened and closed, casket, and more are all required for a traditional burial. These expenses c

Some of the Factors Considered when Deciding Child Custody Arrangements

Divorce is difficult because a marriage is coming to an end, and having children involved can make it even more emotional. The unknown of when and for how much time you will see your children during and after a divorce can be challenging. Most parents want to spend as much time as possible with their child, but when getting a divorce from the child’s other parent, it may not work out that way. Child custody cases near the Lake of the Ozarks can be charged with high emotion and worry. Our family law office in Osage Beach, MO wants to help answer a common question when it comes to divorce at the Lake of the Ozarks – what factors are considered when deciding a child custody. Health of each parent.  The physical and mental health of each parent can be a factor in determining the best custody arrangement for the children. It’s important to provide a stable environment for children and the health of the parents is a vital part of that. Living arrangements of each parent.  Each