3 Reasons Cremation is Becoming More Popular

Cremation is becoming a more and more common choice for after death arrangements. This method is disposing of a body by burning the remains into ashes. These ashes can be disposed of in a number of ways or kept around to memorialize the person who has passed away. Cremation is something you can decide ahead of time and plan for in your estate plan at the Lake of the Ozarks. There are many reasons people are leaning toward cremation and our Lake of the Ozarks estate planning attorney is here to help share some of them with you.

Cremation is typically less expensive. 

Cremation is a must more cost effective means of body disposal. The two costs commonly associated are the actual cremation process and the urn, or container the ashes are stored in. A traditional ground burial has a large amount of expenses required to complete the process. Buying a burial plot, paying to have the ground opened and closed, casket, and more are all required for a traditional burial. These expenses can add up quickly and put a financial burden on those left behind, if not payment arrangements are made prior to death.

People are more environmentally conscious.

The amount of land on earth is limited and the traditional burial method takes up quite a bit of real estate. The materials used to make caskets, most commonly wood, may be seen as wasteful for some since they are made from non-renewable sources. The embalming materials used to preserve a body for a traditional burial are chemicals and can potentially harm the ground as a buried body decomposes over time. For those who are worried about the condition of the earth we leave for our future relatives, cremation may be the best option.

Flexible timing for service.

With families all over the world, it can take some planning and time to get everyone together for a proper service for a family member. Cremation can help prolong the time needed to hold a service. A traditional burial should be done within about a week of death, but cremated ashes can be stored for as long as needed.

As you learn more about the body disposal options available, you may be leaning toward one or the other. It’s important that your loved ones know what your wishes are in order for them to be carried out as you choose. An estate planning attorney in Osage Beach can help you create a plan for your after life wishes to take the burden off your loved ones.

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