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3 Things You Didn't Know About Your POA

Owners' associations are residential communities comprised of condominiums or individual homes. When you buy a condo or home that is part of an association, you will automatically become part of the association and, therefore, will be required to pay assessments and abide by specific rules and restrictions. Being a part of an association comes with distinct benefits, such as access to community amenities like pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, etc. Unfortunately, associations sometimes have a bad reputation for restricting homeowners' freedoms. Since our Lake of the Ozarks law firm represents homeowners associations and condominium associations, we wanted to take this opportunity to shed some light on some of the lesser-understood aspect of owners' associations. 1. Managing An Association Is A Huge Responsibility While some associations are relatively small and consist of only a handful of property owners, some associations are quite large. Large associations

Family Law Representation: How Can We Serve You?

Family law encompasses a broad range of legal services. Since family law issues deal specifically with the people nearest and dearest to us, emotions tend to run high among those involved in a family lawsuit. As your dedicated family attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks , I am here to take the burden off of your shoulders as much as I can. Keep reading to learn more about some of the family law services I offer and how I may be able to help you with your next case. Divorce Divorce is, unfortunately, a fact of life for nearly half of all married couples in the United States. Dissolving any marriage is challenging and emotional, but often it becomes even more challenging when the couple shares children and/or significant assets or debts. In high-stakes divorces such as these, securing representation from an experienced divorce attorney in Camden County MO is essential. Adoption Regardless of the reason you choose to adopt, the decision to welcome a new child into your family

Are You Putting Your Business At Risk?

As an entrepreneur, your company is a hugely important part of your life. It's your baby, your passion, and your livelihood. Throughout your business' lifespan (especially during its early years) you will dedicate considerable time, energy, and resources to ensuring its success. The last thing you'll want is to do anything that would put your company at risk. Unfortunately, from a legal liability perspective, putting your business at risk may sometimes be easier than you realize. A variety of potential legal pitfalls await business owners. Today, our Lake of the Ozarks business attorney is here to examine a few examples of the different risks you may face and the legally compromising situations you could be putting your business in (without even realizing it). Premises Liability As a business owner, you care about the safety of your customers while they are on your property. It is wise to purchase property liability insurance to protect yourself financially from a

Legal Representation For Your Home Owners' Association or Condominium Association

Homeowners associations and condominium associations are common throughout the Lake of the Ozarks region and across the rest of the country. Associations, as the name suggests, are organizations of multiple property owners that work together to create a cohesive community in which their members reside. As with any official organization, associations sometimes face certain situations that may benefit from representation by a skilled attorney. We represent homeowner associations and condo associations at O'Donnell Law Center , and are here to assist these organizations when needed. Here are a few examples of the different types of situations we can help associations with. Property Owners Who Don't Pay Their Dues Property owners associations must maintain a tight budget in order to keep up with all of their required expenses. Depending on the scope of the its amenities and member benefits, examples of the types of costs associations may cover include: Snow remov