Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been increasing lately and it’s not just taking place around the Lake. When it comes to distracted driving, there are many different forms. Distracted driving can be caused from a visual, manual, or even a cognitive distraction. Check out this great information about distracted driving from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the DMV, and MoDot.

Distracted Driving Laws In Missouri

According to the DMV, the distracted driving laws in Missouri are less strict than in most states. These laws that went into effect in 2009 include a ban on texting for novice drivers, but no ban for all drivers. There is also no ban for talking on the phone while driving. Besides having some of the most lenient distracted driving laws, Missouri also has some of the most lenient penalties for distracted driving.

Are You A Distracted Driver?

If you do any of the following activities while driving, you are considered to be a distracted driver. Doing any of these activities is not only dangerous, but it puts you and others on the road at risk.

Talk, text, or use your cell phone
Eat or drink
Check a navigational device (frequently or occasionally)
Socializing with others in the car
Putting on your makeup or doing your hair
Adjusting and fidgeting with the radio
Does your focus or attention wander?

Things To Focus On

Watch for and read road and highway signs
Obey all traffic laws
Watch for potential hazards and other drivers
Be a courteous driver
Focus solely on driving
Use your cellphone for emergency situations only – not while driving
If you are tired, pull off the road
Limit how many passengers are in your car
Avoid eating and drinking

Buckle Up, Phone Down

You’ve probably heard this saying or seen the #BUPD recently. There is currently a big push to end distracted driving that is caused by being on a cell phone. Whether you are texting, talking to someone on the phone, or taking a Snapchat, your attention is being taken away from the most important task at hand. Driving your car safely. You might think you are a professional at sending a quick text while driving, but taking your eyes off of the road for even a split second can have life changing consequences.

The Buckle Up Phone Down challenge has been brought forth by MoDot. According to MoDot, the challenge is simple: when you get into any vehicle, buckle up your safety belt. If you are the driver of the vehicle, put the cell phone down. You should even turn it off if you have to.

Driving Is A Privilege

O’Donnell Law Center wants to remind you to drive safely every time you are behind the wheel of a car. Driving is a privilege, not a right. It’s a full-time job that should never be taken for granted. It’s always important to drive distraction free and arrive to your destination safely.

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