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Ask any homeowner - they'll tell you that there is a lot of work involved with the upkeep and maintenance of a home and the surrounding property. It doesn't matter how many precautionary measures you take; problems will inevitably arise and challenges must inevitably be addressed. Storms cause abrupt damages that must be repaired, time and natural elements cause slow damages that need attention, and continually changing trends require constant upkeep.

If that much work is required with the ownership of a single home, you can imagine how much effort is required to successfully manage a condominium complex or a home owners' association! The team at O'Donnell Law Center understands the unique challenges faced by property management organizations and we strive to assist them in any way we can.

Condominiums & Home Owners' Associations

Both condominiums and home owners' associations often have many rules and regulations that property owners must abide by in order to remain in good standing. These regulations ensure that property values remain high and that a cohesive look is maintained throughout all of the independent homes and/or units. In return for compliance with these regulations and their assessment fees, property owners get to enjoy added benefits such as pools, exercise facilities, playgrounds, and a safe, attractive community.

The managers of condominium complexes and home owners' associates face a wide variety of challenges that must be addressed, sometimes on a daily basis. As examples, some of these challenges include:
  • Property owners who do not pay their assessments
  • Visitors who do not follow the rules
  • Property owners who do not obey property restrictions
  • Bylaws and restrictions that need to be amended

O'Donnell Law Center Can Help!

The manner in which property managers respond to these (or any other type of) issues that may arise can drastically impact the success and corporate health of the association. Time is often of the essence when it comes to handling complications, as a late response could result in a less than desirable outcome.

Because we understand the unique time constraints faced by condominiums and home owners' associations, our property management attorney strives to develop close working relationships with the members of the association's board of directors before these challenges arise. By having these relationships established ahead of time, we can respond rapidly and effectively when the time comes.

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