What NOT To Do When Getting A Divorce

Even for the most mature, emotionally grounded individuals, divorce can be incredibly challenging and stressful. Even when both parties agree that divorce is the best option for everyone involved, emotions tend to run high and it can be hard to stay level-headed. Your Lake of the Ozarks divorce attorney can help you navigate your divorce in such a way that is as stress free and rational as possible. If you are getting a divorce at the Lake of the Ozarks, what you don't do can be just as important as what you do do. Here are a few reminders on what NOT to do, courtesy of the team at O'Donnell Law Center.

Don't Forget To Update Your Will
If you and your spouse had established a will while you were married, it is crucial that you update this document after the divorce is finalized. Chances are you will no longer want your now-ex-spouse to be your healthcare power of attorney, for example, and your assets may have changed during the divorce proceedings. You will want to update your estate planning documents to reflect your current position and desires as soon as you can.

Don't Assume That Things Have To Be Challenging
Just because divorce is notorious for being incredibly difficult does not mean yours has to be. Divorce proceedings do not have to get ugly right out of the box. The most successful divorces typically occur when both parties are able to compromise a bit.  When compromise is possible, the chances of coming to an agreeable solution are much higher.

Don't Ask Your Lawyer To Be Your Therapist
Your lawyer is there to help you with the legal aspects of your divorce. Getting proper emotional support during this transitional time is very important, but your attorney is not situated to provide that emotional support. Your attorney has not been trained to help people cope with the emotional aspects of divorce, but he/she may be able to recommend a good therapist for you to see.

Don't Forget To Take A Long, Hard Look At Your Finances
Divorce requires you to make a major financial transition. Throughout the duration of your marriage, you and your spouse probably divided the costs of your mortgage, taxes, loans, and general costs of living and used your joint incomes (if both of you worked) to cover these expenses. After your divorce, you will not have your spouse to help you cover these debts or expenses. Early on in the divorce process is the time to take a critical look at all of your current (and future) expenses.  This information is important to have when considering how to divide up the marital assets.

Don't Withhold Information From Your Attorney
Withholding information from your attorney, specially embarrassing information, may be tempting, but it can create serious problems during a divorce. In order for your attorney to set you up for success, he/she needs to know everything about the situation, especially if custody is at issue.  This information includes such things as how you spend your money, whether you use illegal drugs, and whether or not there have been infidelity issues within the marriage. Your best bet is to get everything out on the table with your attorney early, so that he or she can discuss with you the best strategy going forward.

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