Quick Tips For Attorneys Just Starting Out

Have you recently finished law school? From all of us at O'Donnell Law Center, congratulations! Graduation is an exciting step, but what lies ahead of you will be even more thrilling. The team at our Lake of the Ozarks law firm would be honored to help you prepare for this new phase of your life by sharing some of the tricks of the trade we have learned along the way. If you have not yet finished law school, tuck these tips away in your back pocket - you will probably find them useful in the future!

1. Find A Mentor.
No matter what your field is, finding a mentor is the first step to success. Your mentor should be someone you look up to, someone you respect, someone you trust, and someone you can count on to always give you sound advice. Finally, your mentor should be someone you can emulate your own practice after. Once you find your mentor, you can begin to adopt his or her habits into your own daily life.

2. Trust The Advice Of Those Who Have Gone Before You.
School is very valuable, but it cannot possibly replace the value of real life experience. You may have earned straight A's all through your education, but that does not mean that you have more to offer than an attorney who has been practicing for over twenty years. No matter how well you did in school, you should always respect and trust the advice of the other attorneys who have gone before you.

3. Respond To Your Clients ASAP.
Timeliness has always been a critical asset for attorneys, but its importance is only continuing to increase as our world becomes increasingly digitized. Your clients will expect you to respond immediately, and even small delays could cause them to look elsewhere for representation. Even if you do not have an answer for them yet, you should always respond to your client immediately to let them know that you are working on their issue and that you will get back to them when you have more information.

4. Don't Expect Instant Grandeur.
The media glamorizes the legal industry with abandon. Fancy corner offices and high-stakes litigation are exciting prospects for any attorney who is just starting out, but it's important to set realistic expectations. You will have to "do your time," just like every other attorney before you. Taking seemingly unimportant cases or even helping the other attorneys in your firm with their paperwork may be frustrating, but it's a necessary step in the process.

5. Be Courteous - Always.
Reputation is everything for everyone - but especially for attorneys. A vast majority of the business you get will likely come from referrals. In order to earn a steady stream of client referrals, you need to adopt a constant policy of being kind, courteous, and client-oriented with everyone you meet. By treating everyone respectfully (and equally), you will develop a strong reputation that can lead to great referral business.

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