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Escape rooms are all the rage right now and we see why! They’re not only a blast, but they also offer a unique environment for team building. What better way to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of O’Donnell Law Center, than working as a team to escape the Water Wall room at Lake Escape? This experience was not only fun for everyone, but it truly showed us how well we work together as a team, especially under pressure. Each person in our team brings a unique perspective to the table and that's what led us to success. We were able to escape, because we all saw the clues differently and we were able to work together to overcome all of the challenges we faced.

This experience at Lake Escape is a great representation of how our team works together in the office. We all have different perspectives and we view things differently. By working together and incorporating everyone’s unique perspective, we are able to solve even the toughest challenges we are faced with. As your Lake of the Ozarks attorney, we are always searching for new ways to solve problems and to help ease our client’s stress. Our client relationship is a priority for us. 

Thoughts from the team

I was most impressed by the experience of having our children with us and watching them propel us forward through their different talents and experiences. Little Em's unique view of the world, 3 feet off the ground, certainly led us to unexpected places. All were truly inspirational. We were so much more successful because of our diverse life experiences! It was also fun to see everyone emerging as leaders at different times and challenges. In fun, just as in work, everyone on our team knows when to lead and when to follow. Under pressure of the clock, we maintained our focus and met the challenge/deadline. It seems we do that every day we are at work. It was nice to eat a meal together after, to decompress and share individual experiences.

I am really glad we did the Escape Room. We were smart and brought the best problem-solving tool we could, our children. They were inquisitive, imaginative and not timid. We ended up solving pieces of the puzzle then we brought them together to get out with just over a minute to spare! Much like a day at work, define the obstacle, be inquisitive, imaginative and not timid; bring the best tool for the job and know that you can rely on your team.

When we first discussed a Lake Escape event for team building and our office anniversary, I thought it would be an entertaining challenge. I mentioned to my two sons that I would need one of them to join me on the team, and I quickly had an enthusiastic participant. From the moment we were locked in the room, our children kicked into high gear helping solve clues and puzzles. The varying ages within our group, ranging from three to fifty-something, proved in many instances to be a great advantage for our team. We shared a lot of brainstorming, chatter and laughter. It was both exciting as well as a relief when we opened the door escaping the Water Wall room. The celebratory cake was the icing on a fun evening!

Our Water Wall experience at Lake Escape was a lot like our daily experience in office. Each member of our team is so different when it comes to life, personality, hobbies, interest, etc. When working together in office, we all take different positions when looking into a matter. Each pair of eyes sees the matter differently, and working together, this enables us to have a broader perspective and not overlook important details. It is not uncommon to have one of our kids visit us in the office, Deirdre makes sure that our law center is family focused, so bringing along our children to Lake Escape was a must. The kids help keep our perspectives young and show us new ways to see things that we may never have thought of.

By applying strategies we use every day at O'Donnell Law Center, we were able to work together as a team and conquer the Water Wall room at Lake Escape. In the end, we always know we can rely on our team, just as our clients can rely on us. 

We Carry Your Burden ~ You Carry On With Life.

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