FAQ About Divorce

Divorce is a tough process and the unknown is a big stress for many couples as they enter into the divorce process. As a divorce attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know this is a difficult time for our clients and their family. If you are thinking about filing for divorce near the Lake of the Ozarks, you may have some questions before you do so. Take a look below for answers to frequently asked questions about divorce.

How long will the divorce take?

The length of time required to complete the divorce process depends on a number of factors. Having children involved in the divorce, or a family-owned business adds complexity and can make the divorce process take a little longer. Also, the number of times you and your spouse go back and forth during settlement negotiations can increase the time required to reach a resolution.

How will our marital property be divided?

Marital property in Missouri must be divided in a way that is “fair” and “conscionable”, which does not necessarily mean a fifty-fifty split.  It is almost always best when the parties can reach a settlement on the division of property and liabilities, but if they cannot do so, the Court will make the determination based upon several statutory factors.

How much will it cost to get a divorce?

Our Lake of the Ozarks divorce attorney has an upfront pricing strategy so you will know your cost ahead of time. If for some reason you need additional services along the way, we will provide you with pricing information on that, as well. The cost of divorce is directly related to whether there are custody and child support issues, the degree of conflict, the number of areas that are not agreed-to, whether there is a family-owned business, whether there are questions about the marital or non-marital quality of property, and many, many other factors.

How will child custody be determined?

If you cannot agree upon custody and visitation, there are a number of factors the court will look at to determine custody for you. Traditionally, children lived mostly with one parent during the week and with the other parent every other weekend. A more equal division of time between the parents has gained momentum in recent years. The touchstones for custody in Missouri are for the children to have substantial and meaningful time with both parents, and for custody and parenting time to be arranged in a way that is in the best interest of the children.

How do I make sure my spouse will pay maintenance or child support?

If someone fails to pay court-ordered maintenance or child support, there are recourses you can take, such as initiating wage garnishment or going back to court on a contempt motion.

At O’Donnell Law Center, we know divorce is a difficult time and we strive to make sure our clients have all of their questions answered along the way by providing an open line of communication throughout the entire divorce process.

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