Interesting Facts about George Washington in Honor of Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day will be here before we know it. This federal holiday honors Presidents of the United States, including our first President – George Washington. The date of Presidents’ Day is near Washington’s birthday. Our country was founded on certain laws for all citizens to abide by. Many of which laws are still in place today. Our law center at the Lake of Ozarks will be closed on Presidents’ Day to help honor the great men who founded our country. Join us in honoring our great Presidents.

Interesting Facts about George Washington:

  • George Washington’s birthday has become a national holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February, even though his actual birthday is Feb. 22nd.
  • A young George Washington attended school from the age of 6 to 15. He then became a surveyor because he knew his family could not afford to send him to college. 
  • He never lived in Washington D.C., even though it was named after him. New York City and Philadelphia were the capital cities during his time in office. 
  • George Washington did not have a middle name. 
  • Even though his time in office was over, President Washington was named Commander in Chief over the military in 1798. 
  • He was ranked General of the Armies of the United States – this highest ranking was created to honor Washington’s work in establishing the military and how it should be organized. He is still the highest ranking officer, to date. 
  • Washington had requested to be buried at Mount Vernon but Congress had pleaded for his body to be at the Capital. Washington and his family’s wishes were respected. 
  • He was a dog lover. Washington kept and bred many hunting dogs. 
  • George Washington is the only President who went into battle during his Presidency. 

Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Many take time to honor not only the Founding Fathers of the United States, but all Presidents on this holiday. Here at O’Donnell Law Center, we hope you’ve learned some new facts about President George Washington and that it will inspire you to take some time to honor our great Presidents of the United States this Presidents’ Day!

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