The Difference Between a Traditional Burial and Cremation

Many decisions should be made when planning for end of life. Among them, the type of burial you’d like should be included. You may or may not have thought about burial types before but our estate planning attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help compare the two most popular burial methods. Read on as we compare the difference between a traditional burial and cremation.

What is a Traditional Burial:

A traditional burial is when a body is laid to rest in the ground. A body is placed into a casket and lowered into the ground to it’s final resting place. This is a more traditional form of body disposal.

Quick Comparison Points about Burial:

Timeframe – burial is typically within a week after death. In recent years this has become a little more flexible, but the body usually needs to be laid to rest in the ground shortly after the time of death.

Paying Respects – traditional burial consists of a visitation in a funeral home or church, followed by a burial ceremony at a cemetery. This method of body disposal is straight forward and usually does not vary from the traditional schedule of events.

Beliefs – burial is a more traditional way to dispose of a body and very common for those involved with a traditional religion.

What is Cremation:

Cremation is growing in popularity as a disposal method for a body. Cremation is the act of being incinerated until your remains become ashes.

Quick Comparison Points about Cremation:

Timeframe – cremation can take place longer after death, which allows family time to gather and plan a more personalized ceremony.

Paying Respects – family and friends can memorialize the person who has passed in a number of ways. Spreading ashes in a favorite location, keeping ashes in an urn, or laying ashes to rest in a monument are all popular disposal methods with the cremation technique.

Beliefs – cremation was banned from the church up until the 1960’s, allowing the method to become more popular in recent years among those who are religious.

As someone prepares for end of life, it’s important to record all of your wishes in a legal document. An estate planning attorney in Camden County, Missouri can help guide you through the process, right by your side. Here at O’Donnell Law Center, we have a great deal of experience in helping families prepare for end of life wishes. We know how important it is for the right legal documentation to be in place for final wishes to be fulfilled.

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