PROBATE – It’s Not As SPOOKY as it Sounds

A family member’s assets going to probate can sound like an intimidating – sometimes scary – process. While it’s not the ideal situation, our Lake of the Ozarks law firm is here to help ease your family through this time. Probate is where your assets will go to be decided who will get what, if the affairs of the deceased have not been decided ahead of time.

Not everyone has the opportunity to get their affairs in perfect order before they pass, so sometimes going to probate court is unavoidable.  Probate court can be necessary when there is no will, there is a will and non-probate transfers were insufficient to pass title to your property immediately upon your death, there is a dispute over who your property should go to, or a loved one is in need of a court appointed guardian or conservator.
Sometimes a death in the family followed by questions about how the property is going to be distributed triggers intense emotions and disagreements among family members that are akin to a high conflict divorce.  A competent probate attorney can be a valuable resource during these difficult times.

The attorney and staff at O’Donnell Law Center are prepared to assist you with:

  • Trust administration
  • Probating Wills
  • Probating the estate when there is no Will
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships

If a family member or close friend does not have a comprehensive estate plan in place, their assets may be distributed using the probate process. It can be a bit time consuming to sort through and all of the assets and debts, and ensure distributions are made to the correct people, in the correct proportions. Our probate attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks can assist. We have experience in this practice area and pride ourselves on offering valuable solutions for our clients. If you’re reading this and thinking you don’t have an estate plan set up, now is the time to get your affairs in order.

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