What is Columbus Day All About?

Yesterday we were closed, celebrating Columbus Day.  If you don’t know why we celebrate this federal holiday, take a look below to learn why.

All About Christopher Columbus

An Italian born explorer – Christopher Columbus – set sail in August of 1492. He was bound for Asia with support of the Spanish monarchs. Columbus intended to chart a western route to China, India, and Asia. He headed West with the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria.  When he landed in the Bahama Islands, he became the first European explorer in the Americas. Back then, it was only believed the Atlantic lay between Europe and the East Indies – they didn’t know about the Pacific Ocean or any of the Americas that are located between. In October, Columbus came across Cuba and believed it was the mainland of China. Then he found Hispaniola and believed it to be Japan.  Over the next few months, he established Spain’s first colony in the Americas – still thinking it was Japan. Upon his third trip to “Japan”, he realized he hadn’t reached Asia but instead stumbled upon the Americas.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day was first celebrated in 1792 when a commemorative celebration was held in New York. This celebration was held on the 300th anniversary of the landing. Religious celebrations and parades have been put together to honor Columbus’ birthplace and religion. President Harrison encouraged Americans to celebrate the 400th anniversary of this historic landing in 1892. Columbus Day was not made into a national holiday until 1937, under President Roosevelt.

Recently, there have been claims that Vikings may have landed here first.  But for now, Columbus, who bravely sailed 526 years ago, to land unknown, has provided us the opportunity to sleep late and enjoy another cup of coffee on Monday morning.  Thanks Christopher.

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