SHARE THE ROAD – 5 Tips for Driving Around Motorcycles

With a number of motorcycle events and rallies taking place, it’s important to have a quick refresh of driving tips during this season. The end of summer and the beginning of fall is a prime time for many motorcyclists to be riding and enjoying the beautiful weather. During this time, you may be driving around more motorcycles on the roadway. Take a look below for a quick refresh of safety tips for driving around motorcycles.

Increase Following Distance

When driving around a motorcycle, it’s important to think about the time it takes to stop. A motorcycle can come to a quicker stop than a full-sized vehicle. Therefore, you should increase your following distance. It’s recommended to increase your safe following distance by four seconds when behind a motorcycle. This can help give you enough time to react and slow your vehicle as needed.

Look Twice Before Turning

Before you enter the roadway, it’s important to check the lane of traffic at least two times before pulling out. You may be looking beyond the immediate traffic if you look quickly and pull out. Try to avoid rushing through a turn and take time to double check that the lane is clear for your vehicle.

Check Your Blind Spots

A motorcycle can easily be lost in one of your blind spots. It’s important to double check your blind spot before making a navigational change on the roadway. This can help avoid cutting off someone who may be driving in your blind spot.

Think About Weather

Weather has a bigger impact on the driving conditions of a motorcyclist that someone in a vehicle. Rain can cause a motorcycle to lose traction and they may need to swerve around on the road to avoid a puddle to avoid hydroplaning. The rain also can be painful as a motorcyclist drives through it.

Use Your Turn Signal

Always use your turn signal when passing or turning. This helps other drivers know your intentions. It’s especially important for motorcyclists around you to know what you plan to do. They may need to brake in order to prepare for your turn or make a navigational change of their own. It’s best that everyone on the road know what your intentions are and using your turn signal can do just that.

Now that you know these tips about driving around motorcycles, you’re ready to safely share the road.

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