John Adams Representing the Redcoats from the Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre is a debated occurrence, still to this day. As a criminal defense lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks, I am curious to know what others think about this trial. John Adams chose to represent the Redcoats who were accused of murdering Boston residents. The Redcoats claim the first fire was unintentional. Learn more about the Boston Massacre and John Adam's involvement in the trial, below.

About the Boston Massacre

A fight between the British soldiers and colonial residents broke out near the Customers House in Boston, on March 5th, 1770. The soldiers have gathered around and Captain Thomas Preston was in the middle trying to keep the peace. A mob of townspeople were gathered, as well. According to a witness, a club was thrown from an onlooker which caused a soldier to fire. This first fire was seen as the signal to the other soldiers to start firing upon the mob. As a result of this fight, five residents were shot and killed by these British soldiers - the Redcoats. This tragedy is known as the Boston Massacre.

Defense Attorney - John Adams

The Redcoats were facing a trial to decide who was at fault for the massacre and they had little luck finding an attorney to represent them. The day after the event, John Adams agreed to be the defense attorney for the Redcoat soldiers. Historians report that John Adams truly believed in the justice system and thought the Redcoats deserved a fair trial.  It did not help that the British soldiers were not on their own turf. Many people painted the Redcoats as the guilty party in this massacre. They were accused of purposefully firing into the crowd to settle old vendettas against past events between the two parties.

At the conclusion of the trials, the six soldiers were acquitted. John Adam's defense was a success, against the odds. 

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